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About Us

Thanks for your interest in the p.ublished 'open source news service'.

P.ublished.com is the coordinating body for a number of online publications; the newspapers - Yorkshire Times, Lancashire Times - and the music magazines - Chimeo and Rock Is A Hard Place.

These publications are all tied together by a shared set of principles; they are community based, non commercial, don't carry advertising, don't drop cookies and don't track their readers.

From an editorial standpoint, we try as hard as possible to be fair, honest and decent. Tricky aspirations - but we do our best!

Work For Us

We are delighted that our first newspaper - The Yorkshire Times - has been so successful. We have over 50,000 regular readers, tens of thousands of Twitter followers, over 300 writers and 6 editors.

Now we want to climb on the back of that success and peer even further into the murky world of online 'truths' and do our best to shine some light where we can.

We have a number of vacancies and would appreciate hearing from you if you feel you have something to offer in any of these areas:

Social Media Manager

Sports Page Correspondent

Nature Page Editor

Political Correspondent

Arts Correspondent

Contact Us

Feel free to email at any time: editor@p.ublished.com is by far the best address to use. It is constantly monitored and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sponsor Us

As you will see from any of our titles, we do not advertise, we do not collect information through tracking cookies, in fact we don't use cookies at all. Most major websites in our position would sell their tracking information to hundreds (yes hundreds!) of different advertising agencies worldwide.

Our opportunities to make money from our titles are therefore limited. But, that's not our objective. That's not why we all work hard to provide a few high quality, honest, decent newspapers and magazines.

Sponsorship is our preferred way to cover our costs. Just take a look through the various pages of our titles and you'll see how we acknowledge our sponsors. Their funding helps us to keep training people, adding writers, paying for running servers and the usual costs of a successful website.

Plus, as a sponsor you get to be associated with one of the largest community driven news services in the world.